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Delta Corporation Limited


” We are Delta Corporation, brighter together. “


People get more from life when they come together – our products make those moments shine BRIGHTER

“We seek to be the most admired Beverage Company in the region” , “To bring enjoyment and refreshment to our consumers by nurturing our brands and growing our business sustainably for the betterment of our employees and communities.”

Our people shine brighter when they work TOGETHER in teams

We value the accountability of our people, teamwork, our local communities, our consumers and our reputation. And this means that together we can prosper, creating a thriving, sociable, resilient, cleaner, and productive world.”

Our involvement in communities helps to create a BRIGHTER future

We benefit the local communities in which we operate.

Veterinary Distributors

Veterinary Distributors (Pvt) Ltd is a company involved in the marketing and distribution animal health products. It was established in August 2004 and has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. Currently it is the biggest single animal health products distributor in the country and is located in Harare with branches in Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru and Masvingo. Veterinary Distributors is currently setting up branches in Chinhoyi and Bindura with the view to increase its distribution network due to the demand of its products by farmers and organizations involved in livestock production.

VDPL is the leading distributor of animal health products in Zimbabwe having branches in all the provinces of Zimbabwe.

VDPL was initially founded in 2004 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Over the next number of years VDPL has experienced phenomenal growth opening in the rest of the provinces of Zimbabwe with the most recent branch being opened in Chinhoyi.

Veterinary Distributors (Pvt) Ltd is a company involved in the marketing and distribution animal health products. It was established in August 2004 and has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. Currently it is the biggest single animal health products distributor in the country and is located in Harare with branches in Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru and Masvingo. Veterinary Distributors is currently setting up branches in Chinhoyi and Bindura with the view to increase its distribution network due to the demand of its products by farmers and organizations involved in livestock production.  The company product range includes veterinary medicines, vaccines, dips, de-worming remedies, veterinary equipment and veterinary chemicals. Our clientele consists of communal farmers, small scale farmers, large scale commercial farms, estates, veterinary practices, vet shops, veterinary retail outlets, non governmental organizations, government and private companies.  Veterinary Distributors (Pvt) Ltd has a staff complement of 48 and all sales staff are qualified veterinary professionals in the field of Animal Health and Production. Veterinary Distributors is managed by a Veterinarian who is an expert in the field of animal health and production with both local and regional experience.


Paint & Hardware

Unicorn Trading branched into the retail market in 2015. In 2016 Sean Ager was appointed Director – Retail Operations following his immigration from Australia. 2017 marked the beginning of the rapid expansion of the Paint & Hardware brand. With a focused more aggressive approach, Sean and his team grew the business by 400% to 5 branches in just 12 short months. ip store in October/November 2019 (location to be revealed soon) with at least two other branches planned for 2020!!!

Paint and Hardware is a rapidly expanding retail chain that incorporates Outdoor Products, Home Appliances, Audio Visual and Paint and Hardware. Paint and Hardware aims to deliver a quality service nationwide!!! We, as a business, aim to ensure that we deliver exceptional customer service and superior quality products at the right prices… no compromises!!! Our Team, have the knowledge and understanding to assist you with all your Paint and Hardware needs, don’t hesitate to give us a visit or contact us!! We look forward to satisfying the demand for customer service driven business. Come on down, we cannot wait to meet you and your family to aid in building a happier community!!

TM Pick n Pay Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Largest Supermarket Chain & the Country’s Retailer of Choice.

Welcome to the official TM Pick n Pay Zimbabwe community! Check in daily for good news, great deals, scrumptious recipes, real value and much more!

BAK Logistics

Bak Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of TSL Limited a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). Bak Logistics together with Premier Forklift Services, key Logistics and Avis Zimbabwe make up the logistics cluster for TSL Limited.

Bak Logistics is mainly located in Zimbabwe but has partnerships that allow it to have international reach and delivering quality service to its clients. Premier Forklift Services and Key Logistics are both subsidiaries of Bak Logistics. Through the synergies between these 3 companies, Bak logistics is the biggest logistics service provider In Zimbabwe.

We offer a complete logistics package. (Warehousing, grain cleaning, re- bagging, inland Port services, Transport, Customs clearing and freight forwarding, Material handling and lifting equipment sales, Forklift hire and sales, forklift Service).


Our Subsidiaries

TSL Limited

The sounds of the emerging market became the theme and heartbeat of TSL’s mission. Hard work combined with a vision for collaboration formed a diverse group of companies that worked together to create a world of access to farmers, exporters and suppliers. Our belief is that the backbone and engine of the economy are the dedicated hard workers. The world is changing the, technology is changing and we work hard to ensure that we have the people that are trained and developed appropriately.

Key Logistics

Key Logistics aims to be the preferred and focused shipping, forwarding and customs clearing provider. We uphold high standards of professionalism, trust and integrity in all our business dealings.

Premier Forklift Services

Premier Forklift Services is a division of Bak Logistics (Pvt) Ltd , a wholly subsidiary of TSL Holdings limited and has been in operation since 2001.We are specialists in material handling equipment and services in areas such as Mining, Warehousing, Farming, Forestry, Textile mills, Engineering to name a few. We hold a Dealership with Eqstra Holdings as the exclusive distributor, to promote and maintain its goods and services in Zimbabwe.

Our company controls almost 80% of the market share in Zimbabwe and has by far the largest Rental Fleet in Sub-Saharan Africa other than South Africa.

OK Zimbabwe Limited

OK Zimbabwe Limited has been in existence since 1942, and has established itself as a customer-oriented retail organization providing comprehensive access to a broad range of retail products and allied services developed in response to its customers’ requirements for convenience and value.


OK Zimbabwe Limited was first incorporated as Springmaster Corporation in 1953, and in 1984, its name was changed to Deltrade Limited which then subsequently changed to the current name in July 2001.

The inaugural branch was opened at OK First Street Harare (then Salisbury) in 1942 and the second branch in Bulawayo in 1952. A further five outlets had been opened across the country by the end of 1960. In 1977, Delta Corporation acquired the business operations in Springmaster Corporation (now OK Zimbabwe Limited), which they held until the de-merger in October 2001.

Business Operations:

The Group is a leading supermarket retailer whose business covers three major categories, comprising groceries, basic clothing and textiles and houseware products. The groceries category includes dry groceries, butchery, delicatessen, takeaway, bakery, provisions and fruit and vegetable sections.

OK Zimbabwe Limited trades under three highly recognised brand names, OK Stores, Bon Marche’ Stores, and OKmart. The diversified distribution channel allows the Group to target all segments of the market. In this regard, the Group has specifically profiled its stores in terms of design, product range, services and other offerings in a way that effectively caters for the specific requirements in the low, middle and high income consumer categories.

OK Zimbabwe Limited has maintained its position as one of the dominant supermarket retailers in the country’s competitive retail sector, despite the effect of liquidity constraints and low disposable incomes. The Group has developed its own brands through the Bon Marche’ Premier Choice and Shopperschoice labels.

Anglo American – Unki Mine

Anglo American – Unki Mine

Anglo American is a global diversified mining business. Our portfolio of world-class mining operations provides the metals and minerals that make modern life possible. We use innovative practices and the latest technologies to discover new resources and mine. We work together with our key partners and stakeholders to unlock the sustainable value that those resources represent for our shareholders, the communities and countries in which we operate and for society at large. Anglo American is re-imagining mining to improve people’s lives.

United Refineries Limited

United Refineries is a leading, innovative producer of brands in personal care, hygiene and value added agro products categories. We have a rich history that spans over eight decades of touching people’s lives through quality, innovative and relevant brands. Over the years we have grown to be one of Zimbabwe’s leading consumer brands manufacturers and we are looking forward to the next 80 years of continued innovation and making lives better through our brands.

National Construction Industry Council – Malawi

National Construction Industry Council – Malawi

The National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1996 with the mandate to Regulate, Develop and Promote the Construction Industry in Malawi.

NCIC’s role therefore is to create an enabling environment that will not only facilitate the fulfillment of its mandate, but one that will provide the drive and the organizational structure to raise quality levels across the industry among local and foreign players; thereby enhancing wider appreciation of the interests of the construction industry by all stakeholders.

On Regulation, NCIC ensures that all Contractors, Consultants, Material Manufacturers and Suppliers and all stakeholders in the Construction Industry are operating within the governing rules as stipulated in the National Construction Industry Act (NCI Act) as well as Codes of Ethics (2009).These include registration of firms with the council and commitment to Professionalism and ethical conduct by stakeholders.

In order to develop and promote the Construction Industry, NCIC undertakes various activities that include but are not limited to the following: advising Government on policy formulation related to the industry that will facilitate growth and enhance professionalism, standardization of construction contracts and procedures, training man power both at the skilled and contract management level, grading and monitoring of construction entities, creating an environment that ensures quality of operations for all Malawian contractors and interaction and networking with local and international organizations to promote research and information sharing on technologies and best practices.

Duggies Butchery

Based in Marondera, Duggies high class butchery handles the full range of beef and chicken products, as well as specialising in bacon and smoked pork products. Duggies also produces Zimbabwe’s best biltong – an essential part of all your great family moments, from school sports days to pre-braai snacks.


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