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ICT Professionals at one Place!
Applying for Membership
To become a member, please contact the Secretariat for further information.
Benefits of Membership
The Computer Society of Zimbabwe offers a number of benefits to its members and these are continually being improved to ensure that members get value for their money. The Society would like all existing and potential members to know what benefits they can derive from membership.
Membership of a Professional Association: Membership of the Society provides participants an opportunity to associate professionally with some of the most experienced IT practitioners in Zimbabwe. People can tap knowledge and views with many members at the various functions that are organised by the Society.
Codes of Ethics & Professional Conduct: The Society has various codes of ethics which bind its members and ensures that all interactions with members of the public are fair and above board. Hence membership of the Society enhances the reputation of IT in general and of individual IT practitioners.
Hierarchical Grades of Membership: In this day and age, computers are used by all sections of community and therefore to cater for as wide cross section of people as possible, the Society offers various membership grades from the non-professional to the professional.
Discounts for Institutional Members: The Society holds functions, breakfast talks and seminars which are aimed at educating its members and the general public on current aspects of Information Technology. Members do not pay the full rate but are registered at a discounted rate. The only exception is the monthly functions which are usually free.
Membership Certificate & Card: Members are given a membership certificate and optionally a membership card (renewable each year) on being accepted as a member of the Society.
Members' Handbook: The Society provides for its members a members handbook containing all the pertinent information concerning the Society, available for downloading from the website. This handbook is updated every year.
Free Computer Monthly Publication: All members of the Society receive by email , free of charge, a copy of the monthly IT News, which is an electronic publication highlighting news on events in the local and international IT industry.
Access to Information via Interaction with International Organisations: The Society is a member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). This means that the Society has access to information from the various working groups of IFIP which cover the whole range of activities in the IT industry. The Society organises conferences in conjunction with meetings of IFIP technical committees and working groups, to take advantage of visits to Zimbabwe by leaders in IT fields from all over the world.
Interaction with Local Computer Suppliers: The Society enjoys a good working relationship with the Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (COMSA).
Continuous Professional Development: The Society offers a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme, based on the British Computer Society CPD scheme.
Conferences, Seminars & Talks: The Society holds annual seminars and regular events where renowned local and international personnel in the IT industry are invited to present papers. Most popular of these is the annual Summer School which is for CSZ members only. Both Chapters are also involved in organisation of events to further public knowledge on selected IT issues.
Monthly Functions: The Harare and Bulawayo Chapters of the Society hold monthly functions at which speakers give talks on aspects of Information Technology which are of interest to members, business personnel and to the general public. All these presentations provide participants with information and education. A question and answer session is usually held at the end of each presentation to ensure that all issues are clarified.
Participation in Special Interest Groups: Members of the Society can participate in special interest groups (SIGs) that have a role in the promotion of information technology.
Tax Rebatable: The annual subscriptions to the Society are tax rebatable.
Guidelines for Purchasing Computer Equipment: The CSZ has developed guidelines to be used during the purchase of PCs and other items from COMSA members by prospective buyers. These guidelines were developed by the Society as a means of trying to manage the number of potential disputes that can arise when people purchase PCs. The document assists in managing the expectations of the prospective purchaser.
Assistance in Resolution of Disputes: The CSZ assists its members and the public in the resolution of disputes with computer suppliers and providers of computer based training who are members of COMSA.
Organisation of Exhibitions: The Society organises exhibitions in conjunction with COMSA with the aim of exposing the general public to current trends in information technology. The Society appreciates that changes in IT have been taking place at a cracking pace and not all its members and members of the public are able to find time to keep abreast.
Awards, Competitions & Trophies for Winners: The Society organises competitions and gives trophies for various achievements within the IT industry. These include best speaker award at certain functions.
Accreditation of Training Establishments: The Society accredits training establishments that offer computer training courses. The Society ensures that the training establishments that want to be accredited abide by the code of ethics in the provision of the training in IT.
Business Opportunities: The Society can influence policy formulation by participating in a number of organisations which are involved in policy making. This is done through invitations from members of the organisations or through the request of the government. Such bodies include NECF, NAMACO, CZI, ZNCC, advisory councils, etc.
International Computer Driving Licence: The Society holds the sole franchise for the ICDL in Zimbabwe, accredits ICDL test centres and issues licences to members and the public.


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